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Addington Mini-Digger Hire are a family run business, who pride themselves on providing quality Excavators and Dumpers to customers of all types. Based in the South East of the UK, our friendly and local business offers both self drive and operated vehicles to not only builders in the region, but to main contractors within the construction industry as well. Established in 1991, this reliable and helpful company have a wide range of experience in ground works and in the hiring of Digger. The standard of service you can expect to receive is second to none, which is confirmed by the customer feedback we have. 

Depending on what you require, we can offer Excavators ranging from 1 tonne to 8 tonnes, which include various attachments, and can supply Dumpers ranging from 1 tonne to 6 tonnes. 

Our unique easy-to-book system ensures you will find what you are looking for, as swift and simply as possible. We will take you step by step through the booking process to make sure you book the most suitable vehicle for the job. With a 24 hour service, we are confident we can cater for your construction needs, and with a minimum of 4 hours notice, we can deliver your Digger or Dumper straight to your door. 

Below highlights some of the areas we cover, if your area isn't listed please contact us as we may still be able to help.

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About Our Diggers:


Excavators, or Diggers as they are more commonly known, are a vehicle that consists of a powerful boom arm with an attachment designed for digging, and a cab on a platform that rotates. This piece of heavy construction equipment is used predominantly for excavating, demolishing or moving large items. We can offer anything from small excavators weighing 1 tonne, which are versatile and compact for easy handling and can fit into smaller spaces, to larger ones weighing 8 tonnes for more power and performance for those bigger jobs. The heavier the Digger, the greater the lifting capacity will be.

With an array of varying sizes and weights on offer, if this is the kind of equipment you are looking for, we are sure to find one that suits your needs.

About Our Dumpers:


Dumper trucks are primarily used for transporting loose materials for construction. This can be things like gravel or sand. With a hinged bed on the rear, it is designed to lift up and deposit the load onto the floor, behind the vehicle.

They can also be used to transport lumber or to remove construction debris from a site. Which Dumper will work best, will depend on the job that needs to be done. Like the Excavators, we offer a range of weights and sizes for the Dumpers and most can withstand any difficult terrains you may have on site. Good, quality machinery. We can provide you anything from a small 1 tonne compact Dumper, to a 6 tonne larger more powerful vehicle. With our easy to use booking system, it's never been more simple to choose the right truck for you.

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